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What I Can Do for Your Pet

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Full Groom

A head to tail groom. A full groom includes: A health check, nails, full brush out, de-shed or clip, scissoring, hygiene clip, ear and eye cleaning, wash in our hydro bath, dry and scent spray.
We will fully style your dog to your preferences and to suits your dogs needs.


Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is for breeds with a suitable coat. If their coats are clipped instead of hand stripped the coat will change over time and become dull in texture and a change colour.
Hand striping grooms will get carded, striped, hygiene clip, nails, wash in out hydro bath, dry and eye and are cleaning.

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Puppy Intro

Perfect for introducing a puppy to the salon environment, after they have had all their vaccinations. This is suitable for puppies between 3 and 6 months old.
This groom includes: a health check, brush out, nails, hygiene and face trim, bath, gentle blow dry and eyes and ear cleaning.

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Bath and Blast

This is perfect for a quick freshen up, a bath in out hydro bath with our all-natural shampoo and blast dry. This does not include any body styling or nails.

Image by Yuki Dog

Express Dog Wash

A quick 20 minute service in which your dog is bathed and blasted  dry to around 70% dry - this is perfect for mucky dogs would have just come off a muddy walk!

Brushing Dog's Teeth

Teeth Cleaning

I use a top of the range ultrasound toothbrush which is vibration and noise free to create a more comfortable experience for your dog.



Providing a dog sitting service whilst you're at work or out for the day.

Golden Dog


This is for dogs who require a quick nail trim or grind down. Regular nail trimming is vital in order to keep your dogs nails healthy and pain free.

Cute Happy Dog

Paw Balm

This is an add on to any groom. I use an all-natural product to help heal and moisturise.

Peeping Dog

Ear Plucking

Removes hair from ear canals for longer coated breeds, helps to aerate ear and prevent infection.

Cocker Spaniels


You can add coat conditioner to any washing service for an extra cost. This is good for longer and thicker coated breeds to keep their coat knot free and silky soft.

Pug Closeup


An all natural facial treatment to help with tear stain removal on lighter coated dogs and deep cleaning skin folds in breeds such as pugs.

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