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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Silent, motion free ultrasound teeth cleaning silently penetrates the plaque, tartar and inflammation on the teeth and under the gum line. A stress-free, pain-free teeth cleaning solution, without the need for an expensive vet visit.

It generally takes between 1-4 sessions (2 being the average) to get the teeth back to their best condition.

Advantages of ultrasonic teeth cleaning include:

  • Plaque and tartar formation is minimized

  • Cleans without movement, vibration or noise

  • Cleans where bristles cannot reach (e.g. gum pockets, interdental spaces, deep in fissures)

  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow

  • No abrasive damage or irritation to teeth and gums

  • Promotes wound healing and regeneration

  • Antibacterial effect eliminates pathogenic bacteria on the teeth, on the gums and in the gum  pockets

  • Enables the immune system to focus on other issues

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